Habits Which Could Lower Immune System


lack of sleepLow immune system is not simply due to poor nutrition intake or an unclean lifestyle. Immune system is also influenced by psychological conditions and daily habits.

A poor immune system makes the body susceptible to fatigue and illness. That is why it is important to recognize a number of habits that you may not realize that can lower the immune system.

1. Lack of Interactions
Research shows, the lesser one’s interaction with other people around them, they will be more susceptible to disease. It is connected with the level of depression that affect life expectancy.

Do not let yourself get caught up in routine work and stays away from interactions with others. Occasionally, take time to socialize with friends or a particular community, which you can do after work or in the weekend.

2. Pessimistic
Pessimistic attitude also has negative impact on health of the body. Pessimistic attitude makes a person gets easily tired and attacked by stress. This makes the body become less fit and immune system decline.

3. Lack of Sleep
People with lack of sleep will immediately feel its effects. Headache, difficulty in concentrating, and gets easily tired. Sleep is when the damaged body cells repairs. If you lack sleeping, cells that are antibody substances do not work optimally so that the body is easily susceptible to disease.

4. Surrounded by smokers
Passive smoking is more dangerous than active smoking. You will often experience coughing, shortness of breath, sore eyes, and headaches is you are always around smokers.

If this condition occurs continuously, the body will always feel less fit, get easily tired and susceptible to disease. In children, passive smoking also triggers asthma symptoms.