Hairdressers and graffiti artists are prone to asthma


Hairdressers and graffiti painters are some of the professions that are at risk for exposure to chemicals, potentially harmful to health.

Hairdresser jobs become one high risk for developing asthma due to exposure to hazardous chemicals.

To that end, researchers from the University of Gothenburg analyzed 13,000 adults who were selected randomly in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Estonia between the years 1980-2000, as reported by the Daily Mail.

During the study period, 429 of the study participants were diagnosed with asthma. In women, seven per cent of these cases were associated with work, in men, the rate was four percent.

“It’s important to know what chemicals at work that may increase the risk of asthma and what jobs are at risk to develop it,” said Linnea Lillienberg.

Here are some jobs that are prone to asthma, according to researchers.

1. hairdresser
2. Nail technician
3. plumber
4. health workers
5. janitor
6. Workers in the food and tobacco industry
7. graffiti artist

The results of this study have been published in the Annals of Occupational Hygiene journal. In addition, a similar study published last year warned that women who work in the manufacturing industry faces a higher risk of breast cancer.

Pesticides are considered responsible for the high risk for women who work in agriculture, according to a team of researchers from the UK, Canada and the United States.

In conclusion, the researchers estimate that women who worked for 10 years at a job that potentially exposed to chemical exposure has a 42 percent higher risk of breast cancer.