Hand dryers, A germ spreader machine

Hand dryers, A germ spreader machine

Hand dryers or machine that serves to dry hands it can be a germ spreader machine. Machines are usually placed in the toilet or the restaurant is even capable of spreading germs faster and more than kitchen towels, objects that have long been regarded as a hotbed of germs.

It was found by research conducted at the University of Leeds’ School of Medicine. This study found that the spread of germs that occur even up to 27 times faster.

“Your hands are plastered with so many germs and bacteria, such behavior by machine drying will make the bacteria spread even if you have to wash it. Not to mention if the tool is used by many people and you push the same button. It is just like you are holding the door handle who has been touched by many people, “said Professor Mark Wilcox, leader of the study.

On the basis of this study, the Professor Wilcox also suggested that the better your personal drying hands with paper towels. It is more hygienic and safe because you do not spread the bacteria in your hands.

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