Have Acne Problems? Avoid Eating These Foods!


Health tips –¬†Acne is usually affected by the type of skin that the sufferer has and also the lack of attention in cleaning the skin. But, besides those factors, there are also other causes of the annoying skin problem. If you also experience acne problems, then you should know that acne can also be triggered from the food you eat. There are even some types of food that can aggravate the acne you already have which indeed could be a big problem for you.

Well, if you are currently having problems with acne, then you should try your best to avoid these types of foods. In this articles we will give you a list of the foods to avoid during acne, as reported from magforwomen below:

Spinach is a vegetable that is high in iron and iodine content. Iodine itself can cause acne on the skin, and it can also aggravate acne that you are already suffering. So if you are currently suffering from acne, you are only allowed to eat spinach in a moderate amount.

Although not all dairy products have a negative impact on acne, but cheese is able to make acne worse. So as much as possible try to avoid the consumption of cheese when you have acne.

Caffeinated beverages
Caffeinated beverages contain compounds called Fiz that can aggravate acne .

Canned food
Canned food does have good taste, but is able to give a bad effect to your skin. So avoid eating canned food if you are currently suffering from acne.

Popcorn contain trans fats, carbohydrates, and dairy products in it. Obviously this food is able to worsen the condition of acne.

French fries
Anything that is made of oil and excessive carbohydrates are not good for skin health. That is why french fries are able to aggravate your acne.

Shrimp is a type of seafood that is capable to aggravate acne because it is high in iodine.

Do you currently have acne problems? If you do, you should avoid the foods mentioned above and multiply the consumption of healthy foods to combat acne on the skin.

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