Have an Ideal Body Weight by Drinking Wine


drink wine ideal body shapeA researcher examined 20,000 women with normal body weight for 13 years, and found that women who have a habit of drinking one glass of wine per day can maintain weight 30% better than women who did not drink wine.

According to Jana Klauer, a nutritionist from New York, wine is rich in antioxidants that can reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. One reason that wine can maintain an ideal weight is when it is digested, it triggers the body to burn calories.

“Women have a little enzyme that metabolizes alcohol than men. To be able to digest the wine, they should continue to produce this enzyme so that the body continues to burn energy,” she said.

The effect of drinking wine is the increase in body temperature. This effect occurs because the alcohol burns calories and creates heat.

However, it does not mean you can drink wine as much as possible to get an ideal weight. Because keep in mind that wine has 125 calories per 5 ounces, drinking too much wine can even result in risks such as breast cancer. Drink one glass per day combined with a healthy diet and exercise is a great way to get an ideal body shape.