Have Breakfast for a Healthy Heart


breakfast good for heartCompared to other meal times, a breakfast‘s position is very vital. Experts repeatedly remind the importance of breakfast to start daily activities. Breakfast also can form a healthy heart.

But many people often skips breakfast because they are in a hurry or want to lose weight. They should know that too often skipping breakfast can be dangerous for their heart.

“Skipping breakfast too often causes obesity rather than weight loss. They are also at high risk of heart disease,” said Catherine Collins, dietitian at the University of Tasmania, according to Dailymail.

People who skip breakfast will have a metabolism which is not good. If this happens repeatedly, it will disrupt hormones in the body that regulates the balance of the body such as growth, insulin and  serotonin hormones.

The research conducted by Collins and her colleagues found that often skipping breakfast can make people become obese (overweight), a lot of fat deposits around the abdomen and high cholesterol levels. All of which are major risk factor for heart disease.

“Skipping breakfast can also trigger increased levels of insulin in the blood, which is a warning for diabetes,” explained Collins further.

According to Collins, people who skip breakfast are more likely to eat snacks or sweet foods that may have intake of fiber, vitamins and minerals which are low. So, instead of losing weight, skipping breakfast will trigger obesity, cholesterol and diabetes.

The study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that risk of heart disease will be even greater if someone is accustomed to skip breakfast since childhood and continues into adulthood.

“Although there is no direct effect, but long-term danger will haunt you. Skipping breakfast is a marker for unhealthy lifestyle,” said Collins.