Having a Nap Could Help You Learn Things Easier


nap at work Health Tips – Having a nap in between working on the difficult tasks can make the work easier after waking. Researchers report in the Current Biology journal, offers proof that a nap can be a strategy so that knowledge is absorbed better.

The research was conducted on 99 respondents who were asked to sit in front of a computer screen and learn the layout of a three-dimensional labyrinth. They were asked to find a route to return to the starting point. Meanwhile random images of trees are displayed periodically.

Apparently, the respondents who took a break to nap and had a dream about the layout of the task had a better performance than those who did not have nap and dream. Form of a dream which is reportedly does not have to be an image of the layout, but also just music from the drawings.

The researchers conclude, a dream is a sign that the brain works at the same level in real life. “A dream is a form that the brain is searching for association of memory processes that could be used in the future,” said Robert Stickgold, PhD, from the Center for Sleep and Cognition, Harvard Medical School.

It is not a dream that makes better memory. However, the dream is a sign that the subconscious mind works hard to remember. In other words, the dream is a side effect of memory process.

The researchers believe, one should study hard before bed or looking for a break to take a nap during studying.