Having Bananas For Breakfast Makes You Feel Hungry Faster


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Bananas are known to have many health benefits. It is even known that bananas can reduce stroke risks. Bananas and breakfast could be said as the most favorite current combination for breakfast. However here’s a health tips for you. You should know that experts recommend that you avoid eating bananas during breakfast.

“Bananas have high potassium levels, they are also rich in fiber, magnesuim and also rich in sugars that cause your energy to rise suddenly,” said nutrition expert Dr. Daryl Gioffre, as reported by MSN.

According Gioffre, bananas can increase energy quickly, but you will also quickly feel tired and hungry.

“Without balancing a banana for breakfast with healthy fats, lots of benefits of bananas will be lost and you will only experience a surge in blood sugar and acid,” said Gioffre.

But if you can not stop the habit of eating a banana in the morning, experts recommend combining it with peanut butter, porridge, toast or yogurt low in sugar so that you’ll feel full longer.