Having Trouble sleeping? Try doing this yoga pose!

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Lack of sleep can have a major impact for health and appearance. Lack of sleep will make you lethargic, limp, and make your face look more old faster. Every day you need to sleep at least six to eight hours.

If you find it difficult to sleep, you could try some yoga poses. Yoga is known to cure several problems such as insomnia and bad sleeping habits. Yoga reduces stress and makes you sleep more soundly.

Here are the yoga poses you can do before going to bed, as reported by Health Me Up.

1. Hastapadasana
This position helps stretch the back muscles, increasing blood flow and makes the spine more flexible.

First of all, stand upright with your feet close together. Put your arms straight at your sides. After that, make your weight balanced between the two legs. Then inhale slowly while moving the hand up.

2. Hastapada second step
Then exhale and move your body to the front, as shown above. Hand movements follow body movements. After that, move your body and hands down straight with the feet.

3. Hastapada third step
When the body and hands position are straight with legs like the picture above, hold this position for 20-30 seconds while continuing to breathe deeply. Let the legs and hips remain upright, while you can rest your hands on the floor, on the side of the foot or on the leg.

After that, move your chest toward your knees, lifting your hips and tail bone higher. Press your heels down, let the head relax while continuing to breathe deeply.

Then while still breathing deeply, stretch your arms forward and up, while slowly rising to a standing position. Exhale, then return the arms to the sides.

4. Marjariasana
The yoga position is perfect to train hip flexibility. In addition, this position can also provide a massage effect on the digestive organs and helps improve the digestive process, and helps you sleep more soundly. Doing this position also improves blood circulation and makes the mind more calm.

First of all, take a position like a cat, like the picture above. Let your hands hit the ground and make sure the position of the hands are under the shoulders and dropped to the ground. Raise your head and look straight ahead.

5. Marjariasana second step
After doing the above position, inhale. Lift your chin and move your head back. Push your belly down and lift your tail bone. Do you feel the tickling sensation?

After that, hold the ‘cat’ pose for a little longer while breathing deeply.

6. Marjariasana third step
If you have already done the second step, then it’s time to do the third step. In this step, you exhale as you lower your chin to your chest and arch your back upwards. Stretch your back as high as you can, while relaxing the buttocks.

Hold this pose for a few seconds before you repeat this position from the beginning. Do this yoga pose for five or six times.

7. Shishuasana
Shishuasana or children pose is the position when you relax your shoulders and back as well as calming the nervous system. This is done so that you can sleep in peace.

How to do this position is to sit with your legs under the buttocks, as shown above. Then, move your body forward and lower your forehead to the floor.

Put your hands beside your body and on the ground, place your palms facing up. If this position is not comfortable, you may put palms in front, then put your forehead on it.

8. Shishuasana second step
After doing the position as shown above, press your chest down slowly. Hold for a few seconds. After that, slowly get back to sitting like the starting position. Do not forget to do this movement while flexing the muscles of the back and body.

9. BaddhaKonasana
BaddhaKonasana or butterfly pose can help you eliminate fatigue from walking or standing for hours. This pose is also good to flex the inner thigh and knee.

First of all you have to sit cross-legged like the picture above. Raise the legs to the hips, and place it crossing each other.

If this can not be done easily, you can put hand under the leg to support it. Keep the legs very close to the genital area. After successfully doing so, take a deep breath in, then exhale while pressing the thighs and knees to the floor. Do this slowly.

10. Lotus and Butterfly
After doing the above position, you can continue to do the Lotus and Butterfly pose. The trick is to move both legs up and down like a butterfly. Do it slowly, then increase the speed. Watch for your breath while doing this exercise.

After accelerating movement, slow down your movements until you stop. After that pull in a deep breath, exhale while bending forward. Keep your chin up and keep your spine upright.

After that, press your elbows on your thighs or knees. Push your knees and thighs closer to the floor. Feel the stretch in the inner thighs and the body in a long time. Take a deep breath, then do muscle relaxation.

Then, while taking a deep breath, return your body position back up, in its original position. Slowly exhale and release position. Straighten your legs to the front and relax.

Doing yoga poses on a regular basis will help you sleep more soundly. Good luck!

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