Having Trouble with memory? Drink a cup of hot chocolate!


hot chocolate

Who doesn’t like to drink hot chocolate? A cup of hot chocolate could become a favorite beverage, especially on overcast days or when the air becomes cold because of the rain. No one can resist that sweet taste of hot chocolate which is so delicious.

In fact, the benefits of hot chocolate does not stop there. Drinking hot chocolate can help you refresh your memory and strengthen cardiovascular health. Those are according to a study by Harvard Medical School.

“If you are among those who have weaknesses in remembering, there is a fun way for you to increase the power of your mind. The way is to drink a cup of hot chocolate. Because chocolate contains antioxidants and flavanols that are high,” wrote the study. “The researchers found that after drinking hot chocolate containing flavanols, the blood flow to the brain will be higher. This means that the brain gain maximum blood supply that helps the process of remembering to be more sharp.”

In addition to these benefits, a study reported by dailymail also mentions that the content of flavanols in hot chocolate can help lower insulin levels and bad cholesterol. And when it is associated with blood flow, it helps reduce the risk of stroke that can affect your heart health.

So, have you had a cup of hot chocolate today?