Having Twins is Easy


twin babyMany married couples are fascinated with the uniqueness of twins. And in recent years, for various reasons the number of twins increases. This suggests that having twins is getting easier.

Having twins does lead to feelings of pleasure, therefore many couples wants to have twins.

Reasons of having twins diverse, ranging from not wanting to experience pregnancy process many times until the reasons of difficulty in getting pregnant. But clearly, the number of twins born annually has increased.

Especially if the couples do IVF twins, the chances of getting twins are higher because the embryos implanted are more than one.

What makes a women more easily to have twins?

According to About, here are some factors that facilitate women to get pregnant with twins:

1. Eat sweet potatoes
Consumption of  certain chemicals can induce hyperovulation. In addition, a study showed women who regularly consume milk can give effect to twin pregnancies.

2. Breastfeeding during pregnancy
Recent research shows that mothers who breastfeed during pregnancy are more likely to have twins. This is caused by the depletion of calcium in the body system while breastfeeding and its impact on the egg during conception and ovulation.

3. Age of the mother during pregnancy
Opportunity of a twin pregnancy is associated with age and its peaks at age 35 and 39 years. Because women over the age of 35 years produce more follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). Women with high FSH could release more than one egg in a cycle.

But pregnancy at this age also increases the risk of complications such as preeclampsia (high blood pressure), especially if it is the first pregnancy.

4. Twin Parents
Parents who are twins have higher possibility rate of having twins themselves. Unfortunately, every partner is not always lucky to get married with twins.

5. Having a family history of twins
Heredity is the main thing because this gene can be passed on to the next derivative. Although up to now it is not known what genes can cause a person to experience hyperovulation.

6. Ethnicity
Twin pregnancy is more common in African American people and fewer occur in Hispanic and Asian races.

7. Fertility drug
There are actually  fertility drugs like Clomid which can increase the chances of having twins by inducing many eggs during ovulation. But the problem is that this drug can be risky for a normal person and the drug is usually only given to women who have trouble getting pregnant.

8. IVF

Fertility treatments like in vitro fertilization (IVF) can improve your chances of having twins. This is because IVF treatment can embed more than one embryo into the uterus. But the therapy is typically reserved only for couples who experience fertility problems.