Head Trauma during Childhood Could Make a Child become a Criminal in the Future


Childhood is known with its adventures and curiosity. Experts recommend that parents supervise their child to avoid  to get injured on the head. Becasue, head trauma in childhood will make the children in high-risk to become a criminal in the future.

A study found that traumatic injury will cause the brain to “jam”, thus affecting judgment and the ability to control impulses. Researchers from the University of Exeter, called traumatic brain injury referred as the “silent epidemic”.

Brain injury most often occurs in children and adolescents when playing or exercising. High risk also include those involved in fights or accidents on the road.

A survey involving 200 adult male prisoners in England found that 60 percent claimed to have suffered a head injury. This is consistent with international studies report that say head injuries among criminals is higher than the general population.

The experts said the findings on risk factors for brain injury can be used for screening for perpetrators and prevent corruption, including the rehabilitation of the offender.

To the Daily Mail, Professor Williams said, “A young growing brain is more vulnerable to injury, because it can create more serious problems in terms of attention, concentration and behavior.”

He added, “The wound in the head makes the risk of people becoming aggressive higher and becomes a marker of high risk of aggression.”