Health Advice: Avoid These Habits That Can Kill You Slowly


health advice, don't watch too much tv

Here is a simple health advice for you to take into account for the sake of your general health. Unhealthy lifestyle could kill you. According to a study, it is known that more than 90 percent of  people follow a lifestyle that can trigger stress.

Because these  habits, levels of blood pressure, heart and brain becomes victims.

Conversely, following stress-free lifestyle can make you live longer. Experts say if you live a healthy lifestyle, you will most likely experience a much better life.

Although it is difficult to run a healthy lifestyle, especially after you are 40 years old, but when you pass a certain age, you need to relax because little things can trigger health problems.

Why not change your life from now?

So here is the health advice for you: try to avoid these daily habits that could slowly kill you, as reported by Cheat Sheet.

1. Adding a sweetener in coffee

For adults who are super busy, a drinking coffee session is a very important part of their daily habits.

But be careful, because anyone who likes to make coffee which is very sweet, can add up to 50 calories just by mixing a few tablespoons of sugar in the coffee.

According to the central control and prevention of disease, too much added sugar in coffee can cause obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

In addition to staying active, CDC recommends cutting calories from added sugars to reduce the risk of health problems that can lead to premature death.

2. Nonstop snacking

Snacking throughout the day causes your blood sugar levels to go up, but you can avoid them as long as you choose the snacks that you eat wisely.

Replace your snack menu from junk food to fruits that will naturally nourish your body.

3. Watching TV too often

Most people know that watching TV is not good for overall health, but you may be surprised to hear that watching TV often can lead to some serious consequences.

According to a study reported in USA Today, people who watch TV at least three hours a day have twice the risk of premature death.

Watching is a passive nature, sedentary activity, and of course  people who do it for hours do not pay attention to their lifestyle and diet.

Additionally, when you sit down for too long, the blood vessels become stiff, resulting in a buildup of cholesterol in the arteries.

4. Taking painkillers too often

Overuse of painkillers can cause serious health problems in a short period of time.

Over time, the use of drugs such as ibuprofen or aspirin can increase the risk of ulcers, gastrointestinal bleeding, high blood pressure and heart attacks.

So, those are four bad habits that we should avoid as much as you can in order not to suffer from the bad health impact it gives to our body. Well, we hope you can learn something from this simple health advice, stay healthy, stay alive!