Health Benefits of Ice Cubes for the Skin


Health Benefits of Ice Cubes for the SkinIce cubes are not only fresh when taken with water or tea and syrup, but also can provide healthy benefits to the skin. Ice cubes is long believed able to be a ‘cure’ for a number of skin problems.

Ice cold sensation has proven to give positive results on the skin. So no need to rely on a variety of expensive cosmetics, because in your fridge there is a ‘drug’ that could help treat your skin.

But remember, do not put ice directly on the skin of your face because it can damage the delicate capillaries under the skin. Therefore, first wrap ice cubes in a cloth before putting it on the skin.

Well, here are the healthy benefits of ice cube on the skin as quoted from Boldsky, Tuesday (09/07/2013):

1. Overcome Acne

If the face is prone to acne, ice cube helps resolve the issue. Because ice can cool the area around the pimple. Coldness of ice can help reduce the oil on the face to reduce acne.

2. Reduce Fat in the Face

Ice cubes can also be used to reduce fat in the face. The trick is to wash your face with ice water for a week. This procedure will help keep the fat cells under control.

3. Shrink pores

Ice cubes can also be relied upon to cope with large pores on the face. The trick is simple, just wrap an ice cube with a cotton swab or cloth and massage gently on the face and neck. Perform this procedure for 30 days.

4. Overcome Sunburn

Ice cubes can be a ‘cure’ to overcome a sunburned skin. Coldness of ice cubes will make sunburned skin feel more comfortable.

5. Eliminate Hair on Face

Use ice cubes if you want to get rid of facial hair. Do facial massage with ice cubes, then use a facial scrub. Getting rid of facial hair is a long process, and the ice cubes will help eliminate hair follicles gradually.