Health Benefits Of Pumpkin Seeds



If you are craving for a healthier life with various herbs and snacks, then why not try something that will give you some health benefits as well?

If eating pumpkin is a part of your diet, then you should not discard the seeds,

Here are some health benefits of pumpkin seeds, as reported by Care2 :

1. Pumpkin seeds contain L-tryptophan which helps promote sleep and fight depression. Tryptophan is converted into serotonin and niacin which helps you sleep soundly.

2. Pumpkin seeds contain phytosterols, which are compounds that have been shown to reduce LDL cholesterol levels.

3. Pumpkin seeds are rich in minerals, including phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, iron and copper.

4. They are a good source of vitamin K.

5. High in zinc, pumpkin seeds are a natural protector against osteoporosis due to zinc deficiency which can lead to a higher rate of osteoporosis.

6. Pumpkin seeds are a good source of vitamin E, they contain about 35.10 mg per 100 g tocopherol.

7. Pumpkin seeds are an excellent source of group B vitamins (thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B-6 and folate).

8. 100 g pumpkin seeds contain about 30 grams of protein.

9. According to the study, pumpkin seeds prevent the formation of kidney stones calcium oxalate.

10. Pumpkin seeds reduce inflammation and pain of arthritis without the side effects of counter anti-inflammatory drugs.

11. They are used in many cultures as a natural treatment to overcome tapeworms and other parasites.

12. Pumpkin seeds are good for prostate health. Pumpkin seed oil is good in relieving difficult of urination that occurs because of an enlarged prostate.