Health Benefits You Get By Consuming Radish


Health Benefits You Get By Eating RadishHealth tips – Belonging to the family Brassicaceae, radish is an edible long root vegetable which is grown and consumed world over. If we talk about use of radishes in India specifically, they are used to add flavour to different curries, to make salads or to make delicious mooli-paranthas. Also, radishes can be consumed in any form (juice, raw, cooked). 

Besides its use in making various finger-licking recipes, did you also know that this white tuber vegetable is nutritious to its very core? One single radish holds enough properties to heal us from variety of health issues and therefore it is not hard to imagine that if we included radish in our daily meals in some form or the other, our health would transform into its best shape.

While there are some health benefits of radish we are already aware of, there are also some, such as the ability of radish to keep cancer at bay, which might come as surprise to many. Through this article we will tell you a few of many sure-shot health benefits of consuming radish that will make you want to include this vegetable in your regular diet.

For starters, let’s focus on some wondrous health benefits of radish juice specifically.

Health Benefits of Radish Juice 
One of the major health benefits of radish juice is its ability to treat inflammatory conditions in the urinary tract and to prevent kidney infections. In fact, did you also know that radish juice helps you in getting rid of kidney stones? What’s more? It also prevents the formation of future ones!

Being immensely rich in Vitamin A, C, zinc, phosphorus and water content, radish juice provides great nourishment to your cells, thus keeping you hydrated.

Known for its detoxifying properties, radish juice effectively treats skin issues such as acne, rashes and eczema thus promoting healthier and younger looking skin which stays moisturized.

Did you also know that applying radish juice on scalp can work wonders by promoting new hair growth and preventing hair loss?

Some More Amazing Health Benefits of Radish

Radish is considered to be a significant aid in fighting jaundice. It is regarded miraculously useful in treating jaundice as it checks the production of bilirubin and also helps in its removal. It also checks destruction of RBCs by increasing fresh oxygen supply in blood.

Black radish and leaves of radish are considered very useful in treating this condition.

Helps You Lose Weight
Another one of the significant health benefits of radish is that it helps you shed your kilos. Radish contains less calories and lots of roughage and water which is why consumption of radish easily satisfies your hunger.

So if you are struggling to lose weight, just include radish in your daily diet and see the difference for yourself.

Reduces Cancer Risk
The highly dreaded disease of cancer is unfortunately becoming common day by day. So the greatest of all health benefits of radish is that it helps keep cancer at bay. Radish has phytochemicals that contain anti-carcinogenic properties.

Plus, radishes are an immensely rich source of Vitamin C which keeps your body and cells healthy.

Controls High Blood Pressure 
Consuming radish can help you beat high blood pressure. Potassium contained in radish helps countering ill-effects of sodium in your diet thus keeping your blood pressure controlled.

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