Health effects of cell phone radiation


Health effects of cell phone radiationCell phones are now an integral part of our lives. Ranging from elementary school children to adults, can not be separated from cell phones. You may be familiar with the term cell phone radiation. So, are cell phones really dangerous?

Cell phone radiation can cause two kinds of effects on the body, as reported by Health Me Up (17/03).

1. Thermal effects
This effect is related to the heat generated by the mobile device and delivered to the body. Heat of cell phones is produced by electromagnetic waves. When a person uses a cellphone, most of them will feel the effects of heat on the surface of their skin.

The rate of heat generated by cell phone is still under the sun. So this will not affect the blood circulation in the body to the brain. But be aware of the effects of heat on the eye, because the eye is not accustomed to hot temperatures.

2. Non-thermal effects
According to a study published by The Journal of the American Medical Association, exposure to radio signals that are too often on the brain can cause an increase in glucose metabolism. Non-thermal effects can also cause some of the following problems:
– Blockage of blood flow to the brain
– Cancer
– Cognitive Effects
– Hypersensitivity to electromagnetic like a tingling sensation on the scalp, headache, dizziness, or trouble concentrating.
– Abnormalities of sleep
– Behavioral problems

To reduce the effects of cell phone radiation on the body and health, you should do the following steps.

1. Take distance
Most brands of mobile phones write on the distance between the owner and cell phone, for example 10 millimeters from the body. Learn to not get too close to a cell phone. This might be difficult, but is not impossible.

2. Avoid weak signals
Cell phones emit radiation at high frequencies when the signal is weak. This means you should avoid using a cell phone when the signal is weak in order to avoid unwanted effects.

3. Use hands-free
Occasionally use hands-free when calling. This will reduce cell phone radiation on the brain because you do not directly put it on the head. You can also use the speaker, calling while keeping a distance with your mobile phone.

4. Replace the ear
Do not spend too long calling with one ear. Use cell phone to alternate between right and left ear. This will reduce radiation exposure to magnetic waves and heat delivered by cell phones.

Those are some of the effects of radiation and how to reduce them. From now on do not get too dependent to cell phones.

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