Healthy Benefits You Get by Eating Green Peas

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drastic weight lossMany people take the small round green peas very lightly. They just use it as a side dish or one of the ingredients to prepare a sumptuous dish. However, you need to know that the green winter vegetable is loaded with numerous health benefits. 

Most of the people are lazy to peel and take out the small green peas so, they buy the peeled ones from the market. We love popping those small and sweet green peas as well. However, very few people know that the green peas are healthy for a winter diet.

Green peas have flavanoids, carotenoid, polyphenols, Vitamin A, C and Omega-3 fat to name a few. From aiding weight loss to regulating blood sugar levels, green peas offer numerous health benefits which makes it good for a diet. Moreover, green peas are good for the skin as well. Green peas have anti-inflammatory properties which prevents ageing and formation of fine lines. The anti-inflammatory properties also protects the heart from diseases.

As green peas are in the season and widely used for cooking, here are some of the health benefits of having the small green balls in your diet.

Health Benefits Of Green Peas: 

Weight Loss
This is one of the health benefits of having green peas. Green peas are low in calories and fats which aids in weight loss.

Reduces Inflammation 
Excess inflammation can cause various health conditions like arthritis, heart diseases and osteoporosis to name a few. Having green peas reduces inflammation.

Green peas are loaded with fiber which fights constipation and also eases digestion.

Regulates Blood Sugar
The anti-inflammatory and antioxidants in green peas prevent or reverse insulin resistance. Moreover, green peas are healthy for diabetics as carbohydrates are natural sugars and starches doesn’t have white sugar.

Prevents Stomach Cancer
Green peas have coumestrol (health-protective polyphenol). The phytonutrient prevents stomach cancer.

Boost Immune System 
Antioxidants namely flavanoids, carotenoid, polyphenols boosts the immune system and keeps you active.

Heart Healthy
Green peas benefits the health as it is good for the heart as well. It has anti-inflammatory properties and Vitamin B complex in ample amounts which promotes healthy blood vessels.

Bone Health
Green peas have Vitamin K and B which promotes strong and healthy bones. It also prevents inflammation and osteoporosis.

Reduces Cholesterol
Having green peas in your diet reduces triglycerides and low-density lipoprotein which in turn lowers bad cholesterol levels. This promotes a healthy heart.

Vitamin C and antioxidants makes green peas good for the skin as well.

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