Healthy Foods for a Healthy Old Age


Who would not want to stay healthy until their old age later. Everyone must have longed for a quality life until the end of their age. According to studies, people who follow a balanced diet, do not smoke, and exercise regularly can enjoy a long life with full fitness.

The following tips may help you maintain health until your old age later. According to the Times of India, hear are healthy meal for a healthy old age.

– For healthy bones
Consumption of cheese is not only for young people. Eating cheese can be an early investment for bone health in the later old age. Cheese contains high calcium which are beneficial for the bone. For that, add always calcium foods in your daily diet. Or, make cheese as a snack.

– For muscles
For snacks that are easy and quickly presented choose soy protein. It could be milk or other foods containing soy such as tempeh or tofu.

– For the eyes
Eat healthy foods that benefit your senses of sight until old age. Spinach contains lutein and zeaxanthin, which are good for eye health. Lutein is a nutrient consisting of karetenoid, along with zeaxanthin, belongs to a class xantophil that can nourish your eyes. The source of lutein can be obtained from vegetables, fruits and supplements.

– For the heart
Some people may not know that popcorn is a whole grain that can reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. Popcorn also contains three times more fiber than sunflower seeds, and keeps you full longer.

Its function is also able to balance blood sugar levels so that you avoid change sin mood or bad mood. Popcorn can also suppress the bad cholesterol known as LDL. In fact, this favorite snack, vitamin B that can drive energy level. Remember, these benefits can become dangerous if added too much salt or sugar.

– For brain
Diligently eating salmon is useful for improving brain health. Your thoughts could be sharper including when you begin to age. Many medical studies show, the type of fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon is very good for the brain. The reason is because omega-3 fatty acids in fish may contribute to brain and nerve cell function which is useful to improve brain memory.

A positive attitude and regular physical activity is also a key to maintaining good health at any age. It is also important for health provision in the old days. Start eating healthy foods from now on, for the sake of a healthy old age.