Healthy Foods to Help You Gain Weight


Dried fruits

Are you tired of being called the skinniest one in your group of friends? Are you tired of being one of those people who have no proper assets to flaunt? If you are, then it is time that you think about putting on some extra pounds! There could be multiple reasons why you are not able to pout on weight and one of those reasons could be that your are not following a healthy lifestyle. If you are eating healthy and consuming foods which are rich in good fats, then there must be something wrong with your health. In most cases, there are people who tend to consume a lot of food and are lucky not to put on much weight, and then there are others who are trying to lose those extra pounds.

Today, we are not going to stress on foods which is going to help you lose or shed that extra baggage of fat. Instead we are going to help those people out there who are looking for tips on how to gain weight by eating healthy. Just like how you eat and workout to stay healthy and cut down on that extra fat, we have weight tips for those who want to put on weight.

There are a lot of foods which will help you in weight gain. Then again, you need to follow a strict diet where you need to eat the foods which will help you add some fat onto the bones. Here are some of the foods to consume to put on weight.

Dried fruits

One cup of raisins has about 449 calories present in it which is a good source of food to help you put on weight. It is also rich in nutrients and fibre which is good for health. It is surely a good fruit for weight gain.


Almonds are one of the best nuts to consume and add on calories. In one sitting of almonds, you will consume up to 530 calories. So enjoy all types of foods which have lots of almonds in it.


If you want to gain weight quickly, cheese is your only option. Cheese is rich in calories, calcium and potassium which is essentially good to increase weight gain.


Rich in calcium and good for the skin, this is dairy product will help to increase weight. Non skimmed milk is ideally the best for those who want to add on calories.


Peanut butter is rich in calories and is the best food for weight gain. If you are looking forward in increasing your weight, have peanut sandwiches at least for a whole month. This will bring up the number on the weighing scale.


Containing around 150 calories in it, a potato is one such fruit which is not seen on one’s plate who is trying to cut down on calories. Potatoes are a rich source of complex carbohydrates which helps to increase weight. Therefore, it is a good food for weight gain.


Around 339 calories are present in this delicious treat. If you are looking to increase your weight, indulge in pasta. It will add to the calories and make you put on weight!


Experts say that if you want to increase your weight, you need to switch from no butter to butter loaded sandwiches. This is the first and simple step you can start at home in trying to increase your weight. Butter is surely good for weight gain.


There are only a handful of fruits which is good for you to consume if you want to increase your weight. Fruits like avocado and banana are two such fruits dieters tend to miss in their daily diet.


The main reason why thin people love to eat eggs is only because the center of the egg (yolk) helps to increase weight rapidly. If you are wondering how to increase weight naturally, eat at least three egg yolks daily.

By: Denise Baptiste/boldsky