Healthy Habits That Can Make You Sick


There are many ways to get healthy. It’s just that without realizing it, there are some ways that actually will make you sick. Of course, if it is not done properly and is done excessively. Well, here are some healthy habits that can make you sick.

Avoiding sunlight
Yes, too much sun cacause cancer. But remember, your body needs vitamin D that can only be given sunlight for strong bones and excellent endurance.

So do not be too fanatic on the sunscreen. If you want to do outdoor activities with exposure to sun for 20 minutes, you can use a sunscreen with SPF 30. But if you only perform light activities, give the skin a chance to enjoy the warm sunshine. The only part of the body that needs extra protection from the sun is just the face.

Using anti-bacterial gel or soap.
Antibacterial gel or soap is handy to carry in the bag. But if you are too obsessed with cleanliness by using them, it can weaken the body’s ability to fight harmful germs themselves. It also can kill good bacteria. Washing hands with plain soap and warm water for 20 seconds in the right way is better to maintain health.

Each person needs a full seven to eight hours of sleep a night without interruption. If you cut down on it or adds it nine hours or more, instead it will make you sick. Lack of or too much sleep is also not good for your skin, besides causing, bloating, excessive eating, confusion and depression.

Using air conditioner continuously
Air conditioned room is comfortable when the outside air is very hot. But you should not sit silent in the cooled room that is recycled continuously throughout the day and night. The air in the room may contain bacteria and germs and dust particles. Every few hours, you should turn off air conditioning, open windows and take a walk to get an open air.

Do not forget to wash the air filter with warm water and soap and dry it once a month. If you work in air-conditioned office that never opens the windows, bring a sweater to keep the body temperature warm. Exit the office space at lunch.

Excessive exercise
Exercise is for sure very good for our health. But the body and mind really only need 30-45 minutes of cardio exercise in particular, 3-4 days a week. Cardio or aerobic exercises should be done in turn with other activities such as yoga, pilates, walking, and lifting weights. Hiking, swimming, tennis, golf, and team sports are simple variation that can be done to keep the muscles of the body remains solid, the shape of the body stay slim and powerful.