Healthy Snacks After Exercising


banana after exerciseAfter doing exercise, sweating and feeling tired, you must be feeling quite hungry. You should not be afraid to eat. Before exercise, you are also encouraged to fill your stomach. However, make sure the food consumed is nutrient dense and low in fat.

Moreover, the function of an exercise is to train the muscles. While in the other hand, food will make you more energetic while building muscle. Want to know what foods you can eat after, before, and even in between an exercise? Consume the following four healthy foods and beverages which are filling, according to healthmeup.

This delicious fruit is a good source of energy. If you are going to run or walk a short distance, eat a banana before exercise. The content of natural carbohydrates is capable to keep your body energized. Eating it in the morning as a breakfast is also recommended.

Eggs are an ideal source of protein and fat. Very good for consumption both before and after exercise. To avoid excessive fat intake, consumption of eggs should be boiled, not fried.

Coconut water
Thirst will sure come up after an exercise. To eliminate it and at the same time restore energy, drink coconut water. But, do not add sugar. Simply add a few ice cubes to feel more refreshed.

Protein drinks
You can also create your own protein drink. Mix vanilla protein powder, nuts, yogurt and water, puree in blender. The result is you get an extra intake of carbohydrate and protein. Your body is even more energized and you do not tire easily during exercise.