Healthy Tips of using a laptop

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Too often staring at a laptop screen can cause neck pain and damage your eyesight. The habit of using the laptop for long hours can also affect the overall health of the body. Well, here are some healthy ways to use the laptop, as reported by Lovepanky.

1. Big screen
Choosing a laptop that has a wider screen helps you avoid the stress of having to look at text or images on the screen that are too small. In addition, the laptop also has a wider keyboard that makes your fingers do not get tired or stiff. To avoid fatigue in the eye, when typing, you should enlarge the font size on the screen.

2. Laptop position
Position of the laptop should be aligned with your point of view to avoid muscle fatigue in the neck and eyes. Thus, you also do not need to bend or twist the head while staring at the screen.

3. Use the mouse
By using a separate mouse, you can move the wrist more easily. You can put the mouse on the right side of the keyboard. It can keep you from a wrist injury.

4. Take a short break
Take a break every two hours for a moment. To prevent the eyes from fatigue, avoid staring at the screen every half hour for one or two minutes. With rest, you can reduce the strain on the muscles and joints.

5. Lying straight
Lie down straight to relieve tension in the neck and back muscles. Your eyes also need a short break. So, do not force yourself. Let your body lay for a moment and relax your tense muscles.

Do these five things in order to avoid the complaints and Dangers of Using a Laptop Too Long.

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