Heart Attack at 6.30 AM? Know more about it


Heart Attack at 6.30 AM

A study as reported by dailymail discover new facts associated with coronary heart disease and stroke . They discovered that many heart attacks occur in the morning , especially at 6:30 in the morning.

A team of researchers from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston later explained that in the morning the protein in the blood tends to slow down and eventually cause blood clots.

“Morning is the time in which the biological clock of the human body moves. Starting from that associated with the digestive system and blood circulation. One of them is related to the proteins in your body. Protein tend to move slower thus increasing the blood clotting factors. When blood circulation is not smooth, it can be fatal for heart health,”said Dr. Frank Scheer, author of the study.

Furthermore, he also explained that the blood circulation that is not smooth and then added to the number of fat content in the blood stream will further increase the occurrence of heart attacks.

You wont know when a heart attack will come. Therefore always keep a healthy body and balance your lifestyle.