Heart Tests For A Healthy Heart


Heart Tests For A Healthy HeartYour health was in good condition before but suddenly you started feeling some problems or let’s say some symptoms. May be this is the right time when you need a heart test done. If the problem is acute, it can be treated well on time but in case if a major heart disease is detected, you need a more serious treatment. Let us see below the heart tests one needs to do.

Some heart symptoms can be feeling a sort of discomfort inside your chest, heartbeats that are not regular or normal, or breathing problems.

  • Your doctor will check for various factors in case of serious heart ailments:
  • He may check your stamina, i.e. to what extent can your heart bear the exertion
  • If your heart valves are functioning properly
  • If your heart’s electrical system is working fine or not
  • Cross examine the medical devices implanted inside your heart

Common heart problems and routine checks, though not necessary, to have them checked regularly but occasionally can be:

  • Electrocardiograms or ECG
  • Echocardiograms
  • Heart stress tests or treadmill tests
  • X-ray of your chest
  • Tilt test with head-up tilt on the table
  • Other tests one needs to get done can be:
  • Myocardial biopsy is done by the doctor using a catheter to take out some portion of your heart’s tissue for further heart inspection.
  • Cardiac catheterization or coronary angiogram test to check for your current heart status from inside, and whether your heart requires an operation or not. Your doctor will run a catheter inside your heart.
  • CT scan or Computed tomography of the heart visualizes the anatomy of the heart. Other tests for diagnosing heart related problems are Coronary CT angiography or Calcium-score heart scan.
  • Electrophysiology or EP test measures your heart’s rhythm by checking for the pathways of your heart and the electrical activity.
  • MRI is an external heart check system for doctors to analyze the problem.
  • Pericardial tap or Pericardiocentesis test is done by examining the fluid inside the sac of your heart. The fluid sample is taken with the help of a needle.

Why you need the heart test done?

If you have a previous history related to heart problems, or if your heart problem is not showing any signs of improvement, then you need to get a heart test done.

Who needs these heart tests?

An aged person can be at a high risk to heart disease, a person above 60 who already has a previous history for heart problems, or even athletes are at a high risk to heart disease too.

Heart diseases are on the rise because of the changing lifestyles, hectic work schedules, age factor, and improper dietary habits. However, this can be prevented by following some basics. Quit smoking and use of tobacco, exercise for at least 15 minutes daily, however, you can talk a break during weekends. Taking a well balanced diet and avoiding oily or junk foods, maintaining a reasonable body mass index ratio, as well as regular health checkups are few things to avoid heart problems at any age.