Heat stroke can lead to death


Heat stroke can lead to deathHeat stroke is a life-threatening condition when body temperature reaches over 40 degrees Celsius. Elderly, infants, and people who work outdoors are those at risk of heat stroke.

So is it true that heat stroke can lead to death? Check out the full explanation, as reported by Live Science below.

Basically, the human body give off heat and normally cool ourselves by sweating. But for many reasons, such as the weather that is too hot, humidity, and strenuous activity in the hot sun, cooling the system yourself eventually fail and lead to heat stroke.

Some of the symptoms of heat stroke are headache, dizziness, high body temperature, heart rate becomes faster, hallucinations, fainting, and other side effects. Heat stroke sufferers also need to respond quickly because if left unchecked, this condition can trigger permanent damage and death.

First aid
Prior to medical experts coming, people need first aid for heat stroke. For example, removing clothes, compressing with cold water and ice cubes in the armpits or groin where the parts usually issued a fairly high heat.

To prevent the onset of heat stroke, drinking plenty of water during outdoor physical activities is highly recommended. Also, avoid caffeinated beverages such as tea, coffee, soda, and alcohol that makes the body dehydrated.

That is heat stroke, it can lead to death if not treated quickly.