Heavy exercise can suppress appetite


Heavy exercise can suppress appetiteAfter a heavy exercise, people tend to reduce the size of their meal, says a new study. Overweight people ate fewer calories after vigorous exercise compared to when they are resting.

Several previous studies have shown that vigorous exercise associated with decreased appetite and hormonal changes associated with hunger and satiety. Recent research shows the different effects of the hormone in exercise.

This result was found by researchers at the University of Western Australia after observing 17 people who are overweight. They were asked to exercise for 30 minutes four times. The type of exercise done were made ??varied from light exercise, moderate, more intense, and strenuous exercise, this is as reported by Reuters (04/07).

Then, the participants were asked to consume drinks with intake of 267 calories. They are then offered food to eat until they feel full. It is known that men who do strenuous exercise consume fewer calories than men who did little exercise.

In addition, people who perform strenuous exercise also consume less food. Compared to those who exercise lightly or just rest, people who do strenuous exercise consume 200 fewer calories. Not only just after a strenuous workout, the next day the participants who performed strenuous exercise also still consumed fewer calories.