Here are 10 healthy benefits of bathing with cold water


healthy benefits of bathing with cold waterBathing with warm water relaxes the muscles of the body that are tense. So after a shower or bath with warm water, you feel more calm and relaxed.

But did you know that bathing with cold water alone saves a lot of health benefits? One is able to improve your immune system. As reported by boldsky, here are some other benefits of bathing with cold water.

1. Cure colds
When you have cold, then you would thing that a bath with warm water is good for curing your disease. But the opposite happens. Because a health study showed that cold water showers in the morning is able to eliminate the cold you suffer from. The reason, the body needs something that can cool the body heat caused by the cold so when your body temperature decreases then you are no longer able to feel stuffy that aggravate your cold.

2. Help lose weight
Many health myths that say that bathing with warm water helps in losing weight. However, a recent study showed that a cold shower can help you lose weight. Exposure to cold temperatures can stimulate the production of brown fat. This fat burns calories in your body.

3. Improves blood circulation
For those of you who suffer from blood clots, try to shower with cold water on a regular basis. This process helps to improve blood circulation which prevents blood clotting.

4. Increases the body’s metabolic system
bath with cold water is beneficial to increase your body’s metabolic system. Because cold temperature will regulate your body back to normal temperature. This process requires calories so that the body’s metabolic system would be lifted.

5. Cure Depression
Bath with warm water can make the body more calm. But a bath with cold water also can cure your depression. The effect of cold temperatures cool the brain and is able to relieve your depression.

6. Normalize body temperature
Usually in a hot weather, your body will tend to sweat more than usual. To reduce the sweat, wash with cold water. Cold water helps normalize your body temperature and can prevent you from dehydration.

7. Respiratory Healthy
One of the benefits of a cold shower is to help open up your lungs. So you too can breathe better and also healthier.

8. Improving energy
Feel tired in the morning? Wash with cold water. The cold temperature of the water can make you feel more energized and excited. Therefore, many people who choose to shower with cold water in the morning in order to make them more vibrant.

9. Improving male fertility
Did you know that the cold water helps improve male reproductive health? The cold temperatures can increase the male hormone testosterone. While the bath with warm water instead can reduce sperm quality.

10. Good for the skin pores
One of the many cool bath is to maintain the health of the pores. Because cold water will make your skin pores shrink and prevent skin irritation due to enlargement of the pores.

Bath with cold water is a simple thing that turns out to save a lot of health benefits. Hopefully this information is useful.