Here Are Fruits That Increase Weight


bananaThere are some fruits that increase weight and not aid in weight loss. The sugar content of these fruits is high enough to increase weight contrary to the common belief that fruits help to lose weight.

On the other hand, fruits such as citrus, melons and berries help in increasing metabolism of the body and are not considered as fruits that increase weight. Weight loss tips include addition of these fruits in a diet. However, there are some fruits that increase weight instead of making you to lose the extra kilos.

In this article, we shall discuss some fruits that increase weight. Weight loss tips include avoiding these fruits to get back into shape. Take a look.

If you are following any weight loss diet, banana is one fruit you will have to keep away from. Banana is a fruit that increase weight of the body. Banana is a high calorie fruit. It has a calorie count of 105 per banana. Due to the high calorie content, it is one fruit you have to avoid if you are on a weight loss regime. Banana is good for people who want to increase their weight with healthy calories.

Dried fruits
All the dried fruits, including raisins, cashew, nuts and almonds, contain saturated fats and calories. These fruits increase weight of the body. Weight loss tips suggest it should not include any dry fruits because of its rich content of calories.

As delicious and tempting the king of fruit is, it is equally weight increasing and results in rise of calories. Therefore, there must be a control when you are consuming this fruit. Mangoes are quite heavy and have a high calorie content of approximately 100 calories each fruit. Therefore, mangoes are one of the fruits that increase weight. It must be avoided by people following any weight loss tips or diet.

One of the fruits that increase weight and contain high calories is chiku. The small brown and delicious fruit seem to have an impact on the weight of the body. Though eating this fruit once in a while will not make much of a difference, but there are chances of weight increase on regular and higher consumption of this fruit. Therefore, eat less amount of this fruit if you are on a weight loss tips and diet.

Figs have a lot of calories. Around 111 calories are contained in figs. Therefore, even if you cannot control the urge to eat this fruit, you must try to avoid them. These are some fruits that you must avoid when you are eating fruits on a weight loss regime. Instead, opt for berries, oranges, apples and watermelon to lose weight.

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