Here Are the Benefits of Drinking Coffee


Benefits of Drinking CoffeeCoffee drinking habits are evolving more than just a lifestyle. Some people choose to drink it because some of the benefits they provide.

There are at least seven benefits of drinking coffee that you might have never realized before, as reported from

Studies by the National Cancer Institute found that people who drink coffee on a regular basis tend to live longer. The study was conducted on 400 thousand people. This makes tsense because the antioxidants in coffee.

Prevent disease
Research conducted at Harvard found drinking at least three cups of coffee a day may reduce the risk of diabetes.

This study also shows the risk of Parkinson’s disease can be decreased by 80% and the risk of colon cancer can be reduced by 25% for coffee drinkers.

The Journal of Nutrition also did a study that showed women who consumed four or more cups of coffee per day can lower their chances of developing breast cancer by 40%

Energy source
Before exercising, drinking coffee can be a source of strength. This is because the body releases endorphins that will improve your performance and also can help you exercise longer and harder.

The caffeine in coffee will also give you a boost of energy that does not cause you to become tired.

The ability of the brain
Researchers in California tested short-term memory, and cognitive ability test before and after drinking coffee regularly.

The results showed that those who drank coffee especially women experienced increase in ability to think.

One theory could be explained because of the caffeine in coffee prevent the buildup of beta-amyloid plaques. When this plaque is reduced, the brain can function more smoothly and things like Alzheimer’s disease can even be prevented.

Reduce the Risk of Stroke
Studies in Seoul, Korea found that stroke risk can be lowered by consuming coffee on a regular basis. The risk of stroke is lowered by 25% for women in this study.

While another study in Finland with male participants showed that the risk of stroke was reduced by 12% when they drink coffee every day.

Better health
There are over 1,000 antioxidant in a cup of coffee  that is beneficial for health.

For example, reducing inflammation caused by arthritis and get rid of the toxins that trigger cancer. Antioxidants also neutralize free radicals that can lead to being overweight or specific health problems. With more active antioxidants in the body, you will feel better in running activities.

Prevent joint pain
Regular consumption of coffee may ward off painful joints. Nurses’ Health Study examined female nurses for 26 years.
Results showed that women who regularly drink four or more cups of coffee per day lowers the risk of joint pain.

This is because the antioxidants in coffee reduces insulin in the body. When insulin is reduced to get rid of high uric acid levels.