Here Are the Dangers of Tattoos & Piercings


Piercings Health Tips – If you love getting tattoos or body piercing, then you better watch out, because it has dangers which you probably have not known yet.

British tabloid The Sun, reported that a woman in Caerphilly recently died from blood poisoning two days after her tongue was pierced.

Despite many similar horror stories have been uncovered, but the data of public figures who do “body art” in the U.S. are still rising. Evidently, 14 percent of public figures in America has their bodies pierced and almost a quarter have a tattoo.

Celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox are an example. And the number of tattoo and piercing parlor in the streets showed that the number continues to rise.

So, what about the medical danger? There’s a lot. In a survey carried out in England, as much as 95 percent of doctors had seen the complication of perforation.

Everyone knows about the risks of hepatitis B and C, and possibly even HIV from syringes.

Indeed, tattoos and piercings are usually associated with criminals, drug abuse and alcohol-related risk of HIV and hepatitis. However, times have changed. Now, it has been regarded as body.

Even so, you should know the risks when having a variety of body art. Infections, for example, is one risk that must be prepared. Therefore, the spread of tetanus and other toxic substances after “drilling” through the action of piercing can be life threatening.

Small germs that are on the needle, can spread throughout the body and cause life-threatening infections. Even if you avoid germs, the newest body art made of metal or paint is still able to provide disaster.

Swelling and bleeding is common case that are experienced after piercing or having a tattoo. Piercing can take some time for the curing. In addition, piercings and tattoos may cause allergic reactions such as redness, itching, and disappointment in the form of hope that he can spend money on something more relevant.

Some sites tend to trigger many people interested in doing piercings or have tattoos. In fact, piercings in the ears until the cartilage, nipple piercings can also infect a breast implant, whereas in tongue piercings can damage teeth.

Meanwhile concerning genitals, do not ever try to put tattoos or piercings. Because literally, there are blood vessels, nerves, and urethra, in which all members of the body is a very high risk when pierced.