Here Are The Early Signs of Menopause in Women


Menopause WomenMenopause is that part of a woman’s life that marks the time when her menstruation stops and she is no longer fertile. Before menopause sets in, a woman goes through a phase called perimenopause where her estrogen level begins to drop and she faces a number of menopausal symptoms that goes on for over a year or more.Even though these symptoms may vary, women in their forties and fifties should look out for these early signs of menopause.

Irregular periods
Before menstruation completely ceases, perimenopausal women will notice absent, short or irregular periods. It could also cause a fluctuation in the menstruation dates causing it to begin early or later than before. In some cases, the bleeding may also be heavier, lighter or longer than usual. This change in menstrual flow is caused due to hormonal imbalance.

Dryness of the vagina
The drop in estrogen levels causes the vaginal tissue to become drier, thinner and less elastic. This leads to lack of lubrication in the vagina that makes sex uncomfortable and also causes the vagina to feel itchy and irritated.

Lack of sex drive
The hormonal balance is also known to take a toll on the libido of a menopausal woman. Other than that, symptoms like vaginal dryness, depression and some menopausal medication too can affect a woman’s sex drive.

Insomnia is also a common symptom of menopause. A woman in this stage may face a change in her sleeping pattern and may keep waking several times during the night. However, this symptom can be controlled by regular exercises.

Hot flashes
Hot flashes or hot flushes are sudden overwhelming heat waves that spread all through the body and leave one soaking with sweat and a flushed face. This sensation may vary from light flushes to a sensation of engulfing flames. It is caused due to the decrease of the hormone estrogen as the woman approaches menopause.

Weight gain
Weight gain is another common symptom of menopause. During menopause, the hormonal changes cause a woman to gain weight especially around her waist. The decrease in the estrogen level causes the body to retain more fat cells as its alternative. Apart from that, low testosterone level causes a decrease in the metabolic rate too which lead to weight gain. A woman must particularly watch over herdiet and calories during this phase.

Mood swings
Menopause is a condition that causes some serious hormonal imbalance which is known to take a toll on ones emotional well being too. Apart from the effect the hormones have on a woman’s mental state, other symptoms like sleep deprivation, weight gain, vaginal dryness etc. can cause her to get irritated, angry or sad for no reason. These mood swings can linger on for quite a long time.

When the hormone level of the body drops, energy levels drop too. Such is the condition duringmenopause too. The hormone drop causes symptoms of fatigue, weakness, tiredness etc. Crashingfatigue is also common in menopausal women which come suddenly and leaves her devoid of energy. This can affect her quality of life as she cannot perform as usual. (healtmeup)

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