Here Are The Health Benefits Of Vinegar


Here Are The Health Benefits Of VinegarVinegar is a liquid consisting mainly of acetic acid and water. The word vinegar is derived from a French word meaning sour wine. Since the time of its discovery, vinegar has been put to a lot of uses. The health benefits of vinegar are aplenty.

Vinegar is used in medicinal practices, scientific research and experiments, and culinary practices. Vinegar is a food product that contains a lot of nutrients. In this aspect, vinegar can be considered as a complex food type and hence, it has a wide range of medicinal uses.

But, too much of any good thing is bad. Vinegar should be consumed in small portions or after diluting in water. Knowing the amazing health benefits of vinegar will be quite interesting.

Here we are going to list 20 of the most important vinegar benefits related to health and medicine.

Nutrient content 
Vinegar benefits can be understood by examining the nutrient content in it like vitamins, amino acids and non-volatile organic acids.

Against infection 
Even from ancient times of Hippocrates, vinegar benefits included its ability to fight infections.

Blood pressure 
The calcium and potassium content in vinegar helps to regulate blood pressure level.

Cardiovascular diseases
Because of the vinegar benefits of lowering blood pressure, it is also helpful in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Fight against cancer
The health benefits of vinegar also include its anti-tumour properties, which makes it an effective medicine to fight cancer.

Anti-oxidant properties 
Vinegar is supposed to be high in anti-oxidants and is among the health benefits of vinegar.

Glucose level control 
The health benefits of vinegar include its ability to regulate the glucose level in our body.

For diabetic patients
Health benefits of vinegar help to suppress our appetite. It is very useful for diabetic people.

Cholesterol levels
Health benefits of vinegar are also due to the presence of pectin in it, which helps to get rid of cholesterol in the body.

Absorbing calcium
Vinegar contains calcium and also helps to absorb it from other food stuffs consumed.

The anti-oxidant properties of vinegar control the free radical level in the body and fight aging.

Bone strength
The presence of calcium in vinegar and the ability to help the body absorb it helps in the formation of strong bones.

Reducing obesity
Health benefits of vinegar include its ability to suppress appetite and hence help in reducing obesity.

Common cough 
Even from ancient times, vinegar is mixed with some honey and taken as medicine for common cough.

Disinfectant-resistant mycobacteria
The acetic acid in vinegar helps to fight disinfectant resistant mycobacteria as in tuberculosis.

Clotting agent
Health benefits of vinegar also include its ability to function as a clotting agent.

Against sore throat
If you have a sore throat, just drink a spoonful of vinegar diluted in a glass of water.

Skin inflammations 
Vinegar is beneficial in treating skin inflammations and in healing burned skin.

Detoxifying substance
Traditional Islamic medicine uses vinegar as a detoxifying substance in case of poisoning.

A little vinegar can go a long way in clearing up any nausea you may be suffering from.  via: Asha/boldsky

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