High Blood Pressure: Symptoms, Causes, Risk Factors and Treatment


Nowadays a very common problem that we are facing and affecting thousands of people scattered all across the world is high blood pressure. In term of medical, it is known as hypertension. Stress is being increasingly viewed as a major contributor to the problem of high blood pressure. Rising in the pressure of the arteries becomes its indicator. High blood pressure does not necessarily suggest an excessive stress level, though stress has more often been found to be prevalent in the people suffering from high blood pressure.

The pressure of blood tends to fluctuate at every heart beat. This is not in the case of people having low or high blood pressure but also those whose blood pressure is absolutely normal. Blood pressure depends largely on the physical activity of the person. A person who carries out a strenuous workout usually has a high blood pressure at that point of time. This is considered normal. The level of pressure changes even when you are asleep.

High Blood Pressure Symptoms

As such there are no specific symptoms of high blood pressure. Only the doctor can tell if you are having the problem of high blood pressure or not. This problem is more often addressed as a silent killer as it kills you day by day and you won’t even come to know about it. You can come to know about this problem only by getting your blood pressure measured.

There is a need for a blood pressure electronic sensor or perhaps a stethoscope to find out the rate of pressure at which the blood is flowing. Prolonged high blood pressure can be hazardous for health and therefore needs to be paid attention. On various readings, if the blood pressure exceeds the limit of 140/90 mm Hg, it is considered high.

High Blood Pressure Causes

There are no specific reasons responsible for causing hypertension. The doctors are of the say that in most of the cases of primary pulmonary hypertension, the arteries become stiff and thus leads to coronary artery disease. As a result the smooth flow of blood gets badly affected therefore pushing the pressure of blood.

Many a times the genetic factors are also blamed for causing high blood pressure. Other factors that can be partially held responsible for the enhanced resistance of the periphery artery are lack of physical exercise, sedentary lifestyle, excessive consumption of salt, obesity and last but not least old age.

There are a few people who suffer from secondary hypertension. This is normally prevalent in the people who have a kidney problem. There is an excess amount of fluid accumulation in the bodies of such patients that raises the pressure of blood. Pregnant women are more prone to hypertension, which can be predominantly due to the high stress level in such a condition.

High Blood Pressure Risk Factors

High BP is not that severe to cause a threat to life. However, that does not mean it is a day to day problem that can be overlooked. In most of the cases, it has been found that high BP causes harm to the small blood vessels that pose hurdles for other mechanisms of body. It adversely affects the functioning of the kidneys, heart and eyes as well and sometimes results as congestive heart failure. Over a period of time, it can damage the larger blood vessels also. The arteries are likely to get hardened in such a situation. People with high blood pressure are more susceptible to heart stroke. The rate of heart attack is quite high in such patients. In the initial stage of high BP, the consequences are not really visible. As time passes by, the patient starts having realization of its harmful effects.

High Blood Pressure Treatment

The treatment varies from one person to another depending on the factor responsible for causing the high blood pressure. High BP patients need to adopt a healthy lifestyle, eat nutritious diet and carry out regular workout. At the same time, the patients must take the medicines recommended by the doctor and get their blood pressure measured every now and then.