High blood sugar increase the risk of brain disease


High blood sugar increase the risk of brain diseaseBlood sugar levels and brain seems to be disjointed. However, a recent study suggests that high blood sugar levels can increase the likelihood of a person developing brain disease.

Previous research shows that people who have diabetes can increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, but researchers at the University of Arizona would like to know whether blood sugar levels also affect the risk of people without diabetes to have Alzheimer’s disease.

Then the researchers tried to conduct a study of 124 people aged 47-68 years who did not have diabetes and had normal brain function. They also do not have a family history of Alzheimer’s, a brain disease that makes sufferers experience memory loss. Then participants’ brains were scanned to observe metabolic activity in the brain.

As a result, people with Alzheimer’s disease tend to decrease brain metabolism in certain parts. While the same pattern were seen in participants who had high blood sugar levels.

This study suggests a link between Alzheimer’s with a high blood sugar level. However, this study did not demonstrate a causal relationship.

“Most research focuses on the care and to slow down memory decline in Alzheimer’s patients. It would be nice if it could prevent the disease early, maybe in middle age,” said Christine Burns, as reported by U.S. News (09/05).

Lead researcher Christine Burns hopes the results of this research can be useful to prevent Alzheimer’s in people at risk. The research results are published in the Neurology journal.

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