High-fat dairy products threaten the lives of breast cancer patients


High-fat dairy products threaten the lives of breast cancer patientsBreast cancer patients should pay attention to dairy products they consume. Because a recent study says that consumption of high-fat dairy products lowers the chance of survival of breast cancer patients.

Researchers stated that about 12 percent of women with breast cancer who consumed more than one serving of high-fat dairy products eventually died. That’s because female hormones such as estrogen are found in fat, so that the condition of cancer patients worsened.

“If breast cancer patients like drinking milk or cheese, you should select low-fat products,” said Candyce H Kroenke researchers at Kaiser Permanente, California, as quoted from My Health News Daily (14/03).

According to researchers, consuming more than one serving of low-fat dairy products is safe for breast cancer patients. But not so if it is high-fat dairy products.

Approximately 1,900 women with breast cancer in California and Utah were involved in this study. They were asked about their consumption of dairy products such as milk, ice cream, cheese, and yogurt.

During 12 years of research, it was proven that breast cancer patients who consumed high-fat dairy products in excessive amounts will die prematurely from disease.

The results of these studies were reported in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.