High protein diet Can reduce weight?


People who go on a diet rich in protein are more likely to lose weight compared to those who go on a carbohydrate diet and less protein, according to a study.

Scientists found that people who does diet for 12 weeks by eating protein-rich foods can lose 1.8 pounds more, and reduce body fat compared to people who do little protein diet.

But there are no difference in blood pressure, cholesterol levels, or diabetes risk in people changing a diet high in protein.

This was known after researchers at the University of South Australia in Adelaide studied 1,063 people through 24 experiments.

Through the study, they found that participants were able to reduce weight by 24 to 25.1 pounds. However, researchers still have not found a clear reason behind the success of this high-protein diet.

“This study period was too short to determine the effect,” said Dr. James Levine of the Mayo Clinic, Arizona, as reported by Health Me Up.

“There are many things that should be examined again to be relevant,” he added.