Holding hands are good for body and soul


When it comes in holding hands, everyone has their favorite techniques, ranging from linking the fingers, hands cupped, or rubbing with your thumb.

No matter how your hand grip style, we all know the good feeling that comes when someone that we love hold our hands. But, how it feels when we are angry, stressed, or afraid? And conversely, why do we always took the couple’s hand to comfort them when upset?

Recently, a study by psychologist Dr. James Coan of the University of Virginia shows that the answer does not lie in between the fingers, but in our brains.

The study involved 16 women in happy marriages who are experiencing stress. During the study, they monitored brain activity using fMRI machine After the shock of every woman, Coan measuring the activity generated in the area of their brain stress response. He then repeated electric shock when the participants held the hands of others. And once again shock when they held the hand of her husband.

Results showed reduced activity in parts of the brain stress response when the woman holding the hands of others, and far less stress when they hold the hands of husbands. So, grasp the hand to reduce stress.

If the happy couple are holding hands more often, and this activity reduces stress, and less stress leads to better health, it can be assumed that marital happiness leads to better health. According to an article from New York Times, Wednesday (04/28/2010).

Well, when your couple are angry for any reason, you can simply hold her/his hands and make it as a routine lifestyle for better health.