Holiday Benefits for Mental and Physical Health of Children

Holiday Benefits for Mental and Physical Health of Children

During summer or after school exams, parents are used to take their children on holiday trips to relieve stress.

Experts from the Postgraduate Institue of Medical Education & Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh revealed that a summer camp or vacation for children can actually play a role in the development of the health of children after a busy year of study.

“A vacation is a good idea if children are taught to form good habits and do other positive activities,” said Prof J S Thakur of the School of Public Health, PGI (Post Graduate Institute).

Studies of the PGI a few years ago also found that 6-8 percent of children in schools are obese. Thakur also compiled several studies that found that children in cities are obese because they do not do much activities. Instead, they do more activities indoors.

“Consumption of junk foods are also high among children. A vacation or a camp can really play a role in reducing this consumption,” said Thakur.

Although good for children, Thakur still advise parents to research camp program that is offered first. In line with Thakur, another expert, Prof Adarsh ??Kohli, of the department of psychiatry, says now there are a number of summer camps that have been commercialized.

Prof. Kohli said, some programs are good but there are some programs that are offered in order to get more money. However Prof Kohli also agree that a vacation or a camp is a powerful help to reduce mental stress in children.

“This is a useful thing, we can see  hidden talents among children through these camps,” Kohli said, quoted by the Indian Express.

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