Home Prepared Protein Treatments for Damaged and Dry Hair


Your hair is made with protein and when you use styling products having rich amount of chemicals on regular basis then the result may be damaged hair. Also, the environment has some chemicals or pollutions which are not good for hair as keeps the moisture away from you. So, the best idea to keep them shiny and moisturized is that you need to use a hair protein shampoo. You can also try some hair masks or solutions made with protein because proteins are able to smoothes the cuticle of the hair and are able to make them stronger along with create smoother strands as well.

Even people go to salons for getting expansive proteins treatments but what if you can prepare some herbal hair loss treatment at home. Using these solutions are helpful as you needn’t to run anywhere to get that because you can prepare that at home and along with that as they are based on nature and free from chemical and so are free from any kinds of side effects. Even saving you from side effects they also leave some long term results for you.

Whenever there is a talk of hair mask that leaves long lasting and wonder result a names has taken definitely and that is egg. So, for wonderful hair you need to try egg mask over hair. Egg is complete source of protein and egg yolk have sufficient amount of fats and protein that is required to keep hair moisturized. On the other hand, egg whites have bacteria that can eat enzymes and as result you can have cleansed scalp as well as hair. So, in case you are having normal or dry hair then you can make use of both of the parts of eggs and if you have oily hair then only egg whites are helpful for you.

To try this herbal hair loss treatment hair you can take one or two eggs according to your hair length. Now, beat it well. You can either apply a beaten egg over scalp or add some of the protein rich ingredients to your beaten egg. Apply it well over the whole scalp and hair. Wear a shower cap and leave for next 25 minutes. Then rinse your hair with cold water and hair protein shampoo. Try this hair mask one or two times in a month. Some people may have problem with the smell of egg then they can add some drops of lemon juice in water you are going to use for hair wash.

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