Home Remedies and Treatment for Arteriosclerosis



Arteriosclerosis is known as one of three main forms of cardiovascular disease. It could be explained as a condition in which a person’s arteries harden. There are three main forms of Arteriosclerosis. Two of those are Monck berg’s Arteriosclerosis, which is when the center layer of the arteries becomes stiff because of deposits of calcium.

The other one, which affects the smaller arteries, is Arteriolar Sclerosis. The most widespread form of Arteriosclerosis is Atherosclerosis. Once lots of deposits of fatty cloth and calcium, called plagues, get into the blood brook, the penalty of Arteriosclerosis begin. Because of the plagues, the arteries narrow and roughen which in turn, cause cells in the artery walls to break down.

Causes of Arteriosclerosis

The most important cause of arteriosclerosis is excessive intake of white sugar, refined foods and high fat diet, rich in cholesterol. An inactive life and excesses of all kinds are the major causal causes. Other diseases such as high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, rheumatism, malaria and syphilis may also reason harden of the arteries.

Emotional stress also plays an important part, and heart attack are more frequent during the periods of mental and moving disturbances, predominantly in those engaged in sedentary occupation. Heredity also gives its role and this disease runs in families.

Symptoms of Arteriosclerosis
* Abdominal aortic aneurysm
* Coronary artery disease
* Kidney disease
* Mesenteric artery ischemia
* Peripheral artery disease
* Renal artery stenosis
* Hypertension
* Stroke (cerebrovascular disease)
* Thoracic aortic aneurysm

Treatment of Arteriosclerosis

1] The patient should take several small meals instead of a few large ones. He/she should keep away from all hydrogenated fats and a surplus of saturated fats, such as butter, cream, ghee and animal fat.

2] He/she should avoid meat, salt and all refined and processed foods, condiments, sauces, pickles, strong tea, coffee, white sugar, white flour and all products made from them. Foods which is saved in aluminum and copper utensils should not be taken as toxic metals incoming the body are identified to be deposit on the walls of the vein and the arteries. Smoking, if regular, should be stopped as smoking constrict the arteries and aggravate the condition.

3] Recent research have shown that garlic and onions have a preventive effect on the development of arteriosclerosis. Vitamin C has also proved useful as it helps in the change of cholesterol into bile acids.

4] One of the most effective home remedies for arteriosclerosis is the lemon peel. It is supposed to be one of the richest known source of vitamin K. It strengthens the entire arterial system.

Home Remedies for Arteriosclerosis
• Mixture of an equivalent amount of lemon juice and honey is beneficial. You can consume one teaspoon before bed times. It is one of the straightforward and successful home remedies for arteriosclerosis.

• Blanch parsley in a cup of water. Have this resolution daily. This is a well liked home remedy for arteriosclerosis

• Dietician recommends having onion and garlic in your daily meals.

• Eat spinach every day. Beware of the similar if you have acidity.

• Drink carrot juice daily.

• An onion juice in the amount of one teaspoon daily will help prevent the arteriosclerosis and is one of the easy home remedies for arteriosclerosis.

• Brewers yeast can lower your cholesterol and can help raising the helpful HDL. This could be beneficial for arteriosclerosis.

• The green tea, which is popular in south-east Asia and now in world, helps in these diseases very well. It is containing Epigallocatechin Gallatin known as EGCG. These protect our heart against danger of oxidations. It also helps LDL to lower and HDL to bring up.