Homemade Cures for Eye Allergies


smartphone damage eye Health tips – Homemade eyewash can be used to treat allergic eyes, in order to stop itching. Some practitioners of holistic medicine also tout homemade eyewash in an effort to relieve tired or strained eyes in order to make eyes seems refreshed in those people who are tired.

Simple recipe for homemade eyewash would be to boil one cup of water with one teaspoon of salt. This liquid may then be used alone as both an eyewash along with a nasal rinse.

Another homemade eyewash is a straightforward mixture of green tea and sterilized water. Add two parts of brewed green tea extract to one part of water. This really is thought to make the eyes feel refreshed and cooler if they’re itchy or irritated.

  • Cold Compresses: Cool compresses having a washcloth, tea bags or perhaps chilled cucumbers can help with eyelid swelling and redness related to ocular allergies. The cold will constrict the arteries of the eyelid which will decrease your bodies response to the allergy. It is that this increase in the blood vessels permeability that triggers swelling and redness related to allergies.
  • Prescription eye drops: One advantage the prescription drugs have to the OTC drops is that they not only eliminate the initial allergic response but assistance to build a resistance to the allergy. These medications are generally once or twice daily. The most commonly prescribed allergy medications are Pataday, Elestat and Bepreve. It is essential to seek the advice of your optometrist in addition to your primary care physician or allergist when utilizing allergy eye drops.
  • Rather than opening your windows, make use of the air conditioning system to avoid pollen engaging in your home and causing irritations. This will also be done when you are in a car.
  • After getting home, you should have a shower and wash your clothes to wash off all allergens that your clothes, hair and skin have collected. A lot of people track pollen along with other allergens throughout the house because they don’t do that.
  • Take a look at a web site that monitors pollen count, so that you can plan out your day better. Should you don’t have to be outdoors on a day having a high pollen count, then you need to probably remain indoors.
  • Avoid people who smoke or use a large amount of perfume because this too could break out your allergy symptoms.
  • If you plan to visit swimming in any body of water, you need to wear goggles that properly match your face. This will keep out irritants like chemicals, salt and bacteria. It’s also wise to wear protective eye wear when playing outdoor sports.
  • Wash both hands after touching plants and chemicals to prevent rubbing them into your eyes by accidents. Many people garden during the spring where they’re constantly touching plants and chemical agents or cleaners.

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