Honey Reduces Drunk Effects of Alcohol


honey drunk effectAlcoholic beverages are not good for the body because its compound is toxic for the human body. Scientists found that drunk effects after drinking alcohol can be reduced by consuming honey.

Scientists from The Royal Society of Chemistry said natural sweetener like honey is a great way to help the body deal with the drunk effects of alcohol by breaking toxic compounds of alcohol.

Honey contains fructose compound that is useful to break down alcohol toxic element that enters the body. Alcohol is very painful for the body because this drink will be broken down into acetaldehyde that is a toxic compound for the body.

According to Dr John Emsley from The Royal Society of Chemistry, by consuming honey then the acetaldehyde toxic is converted by fructose into acetic acid, which is then burned during metabolic processes in the body and is broken down into carbon dioxide which will be issued by the body.

When people are drunk at night, it is recommended to eat bread added with honey in the morning, because it could be a source of potassium and sodium which can also overcome the body to resist alcohol.

“Fun in alcohol is caused by acetaldehyde compounds which can make you drunk. These compounds are toxic chemicals which if it enters the body, it will cause throbbing headache, nausea and vomiting,” said Dr Emsley according to the Telegraph.

Besides honey, according to Dr Emsley, who wrote the book ‘Consumer’s Good Chemical Guide’, what also can reduce the effects of alcohol when drunk is milk.

Drinking a glass of milk before drinking alcohol will slow the absorption of alcohol by the body which means that incoming acetaldehyde compounds can be minimized.

Alcoholic beverages will trigger a person to urinate frequently and make them become dehydrated (lose a lot of water). If you are dehydrated then the effect will be more severe so it is recommended to drink plenty of water to replace lost body fluid.

That is why drinking alcohol is not good for the body because they contain toxic compounds and lead to dehydration which can be fatal.