Hormone therapy for prostate cancer risks the kidney


Hormone therapy for prostate cancer risks the kidneyProstate cancer patients treated with hormone therapy are known to have a higher risk of developing kidney problems, according to a recent research. Treatment in question is a therapy used to reduce the mortality in patients with aggressive prostate cancer.

“Our research suggests that medical workers should be more careful before giving hormone therapy to cancer patients,” said researcher Laurent Azoulay from McGill University, as reported by Reuters (16/07).

Not only related to kidney disease, hormone therapy is also associated with an increased risk of diabetes and heart disease. Researchers found that the hormone therapy called androgen deprivation therapy is also more widely used in men with lower levels of disease.

The results obtained after researchers looked at data from 10,250 patients with prostate cancer in the year 1997 to 2008. Each participant was followed for at least four years since the first time they are diagnosed with prostate cancer. During that period, 232 participants were exposed to acute kidney problems.

Azoulay and colleagues found that men who use hormone therapy have an increased risk of kidney disease two to three times greater. Their kidneys are likely to stop working.

Azoulay recommends that doctors check the kidney  health of the affected person before giving them prostate cancer hormone therapy. In addition, physicians should also consider the level of benefits and risks for patients. If the risk is greater, this therapy should not be given. Furthermore, researchers need to do further research to clarify and prove the results of the research.