Housework Protects Women from Breast Cancer


housework prevent breast cancerBreast cancer is the second largest cancer in various countries. Based on data in the United States, as much as 5-6 percent of women are at risk of breast cancer, and 50 percent result in death.

Breast cancer does not just happen. The change occurs gradually, in which normal cells becomes abnormal (atypical) and then develop into cancer cells. Cancer cells are initially confined to the ducts, but then can become invasive and eventually spread to other parts of the body (metastasize).

Until now, breast cancer causes are still unknown. However, a few things and habits are suspected to have a role in improving someone’s risk of breast cancer, among them are:

– Gender, female: male = 100: 1
– History of close family-bilateral
– History of benign breast disease – fibrocystic
– Infertility
– Premature menstruation and/or late menopause
– The first pregnancy after age  of 30 years
– Not married and does not breastfeed
– Radiation, alcohol, and bad diet

To find breast cancer as early as possible, do breast self examination (BSE) regularly once a month, several days after menstruation. If it is done correctly, this self examination can find abnormalities about 2.5 cm (depending on breast size). Ask an experienced health personnel (doctors, nurses, midwives, or cadre) to teach it. In addition to BSE, there is a form of early detection of breast cancer that could be an alternative, which are mammography and ultrasound.

Preventing is better than curing. One way to prevent breast cancer is by doing housework. Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention reported  that doing housework can actually protect women from breast cancer, according to Genius Beauty.

The findings were drawn from a study conducted recently in Europe. In experiments, researchers observed 200,000 women from nine countries in Europe for 6.5 years. Researchers analyzed women who spent 16-17 hours a week to do household tasks, such as cooking, cleaning, washing, and so forth. This result have shown that moderate physical activity is better for women’s health than an intensive fitness training.

The findings concluded that housework reduces breast cancer risk by 30 percent in women before menopause and by 20 percent in women after menopause.