How does the body burn calories?


burn caloriesMetabolism means how the body process food into energy and the rest is stored as fat. The older the person, the metabolic system also changes. But actually how does the metabolism works in burning calories? Consider the answer as quoted by Indiatimes below.

Basal metabolic rate
The body burns calories when you are standing in a long time, watching television, sitting in front of a computer, or even while sleeping. Because the body needs energy to perform the activity. The number of calories used is called basal metabolic rate, approximately 65-75 percent of total calories your body needs each day.

Men, obese people, and young people burn more calories than women, those who are thin, and older people. Metabolic rate decrease by 10 percent after a person reaches the age of 30 years. The reason is that the older, more muscle is replaced by fat.

physical activity
The body will also burn calories when you are doing strenuous activities. For example, exercising, going up and down stairs, or evenĀ arguingĀ  Calories burned from these activities is around 15-30 per cent.

The process of digesting
Finally, the remaining 5-19 percent of calories burned when you digest, absorb, and distribute the results of food sources throughout the body into energy.

In essence, you have to move a lot if you want to burn a lot of calories. No need to worry about limiting your food intake if you burn calories as much as possible.