How Important Are Vitamins For Your Body?


Supplements that consists of various vitamins, are commonly consumed to increase one’s immunity, it can also reduce the risk of cancer. Particularly in men aged 50 years and older.

Results of a research conducted by Dr. Ernest Hawk for the American Association for Cancer Research, found that people who do not take multivitamins potentially could develop cancer by eight per cent.

Taking a multivitamin is the best way to lower the risk of cancer, compared with an effective exercise, not smoking, and eating healthy which are able to block the cancer risk by 20-30 per cent. Not only that, in a recent study conducted by Dr. J. Michael Gaziano, as many as 15 thousand doctors have given multivitamins to their patients.

11 years later, it was known that they have a reduced risk of cancer by eight per cent, compared with those who did not take multivitamins at all.

Although the difference was not much, but multivitamins was proven to reduce the risk of cancer collectively. “The main reason multivitamin is needed is to prevent deficiency and prevention of cancer in the elderly,” Gaziano said.

But doctors also advise before taking a multivitamin, you should consult a doctor first, especially those with a history of chronic disease.

As vitamin K can interfere with heart disease medications and blood thinners. While vitamin C and E, whch can reduce the effectiveness of post-operative and chemotherapy.