How Long Can a Child Watch Television?

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children watch tvNowadays most of children spend time at home to watch television or play video games. There is a question often asked by parents which is how long can a child watch television?

Previously, it was known that children who watches too much TV are at risk of heart disease. Compared to playing with computers, watching TV is more dangerous for the heart.

Psychologists say that watching television, playing games on a laptop or smartphone are as dangerous as the children eating junk food. For that reason, children must be given clear boundaries.

Dr Aric Sigman in the annual conference of the Royal College of Paediatrics said parents should limit children spending time in front of the screen. If not then these children will have the risk of unhealthy lifestyles associated with diabetes and heart disease.

A report of the European Parliament finds that video games can stimulate and enhance children’s learning skills such as strategic thinking, teamwork and creativity. But the key point is to make the play time well managed.

Dr Sigman said children under the age of 3 years should have little or no time to watch television every day, children aged 3-7 years should be allowed to watch TV no more than 90 minutes and teenagers up to 18 years may only spend a maximum of 2 hours every day.

“Children who are accustomed to have a television in their bedroom tend not or can not read at age 6 years old,” said Dr Sigman, according to The Sun.

Dr Sigman explains this condition which is one reason for the increasing poverty rate of literacy in English, this will have a significant effect in terms of child care.

Meanwhile, Sue Palmer, child development expert, say children should be introduced gradually so that they would not become addicted. Here are some guidelines given by Sue Palmer:

1. Avoid introducing telvisi or computer screen until the child is 2 years old, because research shows that it could cause problems in development.
2. Determine the maximum limit of children allowed to watch television or computer, because children need to play for real and to develop social interaction skills.
3. Make sure the child can watch television or computer after doing their homework or studying. Make strict rules.
4. Keep away or do not put televisions in the bedroom, but put it in the family room so that parents can control what their children watch.
5. Encourage children to play outside so they could meet with friends or interact in real and natural.
6. Provide time for families like to sit together and spend time playing or a have a trip with your children.

It is clear that too much watching TV can be harmful for health. Previously, it was even reported that watching TV for 2 hours a day speeds up death.

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