How long can we sleep?


Trouble sleepingSleeping indeed has a lot of rules. Lack of sleep can lead to various diseases, while too much sleep is not healthy as well. If sleeping for 6-7 hours is the minimum for adequate sleep, what is the limit to excessive sleeping?

Various studies have linked lack of sleep with a lot of different health problems. The risk of obesity, diabetes and heart problems are some risks in addition to fatigue and less spirit.

Recent research on 50,000 adults showed that sleeping too much or too little makes a person more susceptible to health problems both physically and mentally. Anxiety as one of the triggers of stress and depression are associated with sleep problems.

If a minimum of 6-7 hours is the limit for adequate sleep, then what are the limits of sleeping too long according to a research conducted at the American Academy of Sleep Medicine ?

“It is important for adults to maintain adequate sleep for 7-9 hours each night in order to maintain their health, said Dr. Safwan Badr, a sleep expert who also said that sleep is as important as exercise, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

According to the study, the same risk with lack of sleep will be experienced by people who sleep too long according to these limits. Meaning if someone slept for 10 hours or more each night, then the risk for coronary heart problems, stroke and diabetes will likely increase.

The results also showed that 30 percent of respondents have less trouble sleeping, which is less than 6 hours per night . As many as 60 percent have optimal sleep duration while the rest slept too long or over 10 hours each night .