How many times should you eat a day?


Within a day, how many times do you eat? Generally people would answer three times, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But some studies suggest eating six times a day on a regular basis can make you get thin quickly. So how many timesĀ eating should be right for you?

As reported by U.S. News, literature in the medical field itself never mentions exactly how many times a person should eat.

There is research that says if you eat more than three meals a day in small portions at regular intervals, it can increase metabolism. But there are also studies that are contrast with it and mentions that eating too often triggers the accumulation of fat in the body.

So which one is actually true? Does eating too much make you fat or slim? The answer turned out that it depends on the type of food and the people who eat them.

First, the rules of snacking. Researchers from the University of Alberta found that food and unhealthy drinks contains 15 teaspoons of sugar and 433 calories. So for those of you who like to snack chips, candy, or other sweets are threatened to not able to lose weight.

Meanwhile, the type of which is considered a more healthful snack is yogurt or fresh fruit. In addition, eating snacks containing higher protein can make you full longer.

High protein snack finally makes some people only eat two or even just once a day. Because the snack is sufficient to meet their caloric needs.

So, which is it, eat six, four, three or two times a day? Apparently there is no best answer about it. It could even be said that everything is correct. The important thing is, you have to find the right way to control calorie needs and expenditure in the body in order to maintain an ideal body weight.